Exhibitors 2019



Traverse is a group of textile artists, working with varied styles, mediums and techniques; our name comes from the way we like to approach a theme – moving or looking sideways, seeking different perspectives. Within mixed media, we each have our favourites, including working with paper, metal, hand-dyed fabric, felt, 3D and fashion, using heat, print, paint, and stitch. An important part of our ethos is to celebrate our diversity, share our various strengths and to grow together.

‘Revealed’, our 2019 exhibition, explores several approaches to the idea of what is seen or unseen, using unconventional viewpoints, revealing various hidden layers – in the physical world, in our emotional landscapes and also within our work itself.

We will be demonstrating some of the ways we work during the show – in particular, our use of an embellisher.

Email: traversetextileart@gmail.com
Website: http://www.traversetextileart.uk