Exhibitors 2020


Traverse is a group of textile artists, working with varied styles, mediums and techniques; our name comes from the way we like to approach a theme – moving or looking sideways, seeking different perspectives. Within mixed media, we each have our favourites, including working with paper, metal, hand-dyed fabric, felt, 3D and fashion, using heat, print, paint, and stitch. An important part of our ethos is to celebrate our diversity, share our various strengths and to grow together.

Our 2020 theme, ‘Senses’, reflects our individual approaches to the sensory world in felt, metal, paint, print and stitch. It includes exploring sensory loss, optical illusion and how our sensory experiences give a sense of place and time.

We hope to be demonstrating some of the ways we work during the show – in particular, our use of an embellisher.

Email: traversetextileart@gmail.com
Website: http://www.traversetextileart.uk

The Beadworkers Guild

Beadworking is a creative and therapeutic craft that dates back thousands of years. The Beadworkers Guild exists to preserve, promote and further develop these skills in the 21st century.
Come along and talk to members of our local group about what makes it so addictive and see examples of what can be done with just a few beads and a length of thread.

Email: enquiries@beadworkersguild.org.uk
Website: http://www.beadworkersguild.org.uk/


‘Visualise’ is a group of 14 artists creating work in textile and mixed media with stitch as the common thread.

The group places emphasis on the individual with a rigorous approach to reflection and practice and the diverse application of the textile media.

The present group mentor is Amanda Clayton, engaging each member in a dialogue with themselves with the intention to propose rather than to impose.

Please see the website for the exhibition programme.

email: janestock2@gmail.com
website: https://www.visualise.online/

Follow the Thread

Follow the Thread is a group of 16 Textile artists based in the East Midlands. We meet monthly at Easton on the Hill village hall to stitch, exchange ideas and have workshops. There is a wide range of skills within the group, including Felting, free motion machine stitch, hand stitch, patchwork appliqué and quilting, printing and 3D work. We are united in our love of textiles and the passion to create and share ideas in the wonderful world of Stitch.
email: panggreen@hotmail.com


Jeudis is a group of mixed media and textile artists based in Leicestershire. Members are challenged each year to a particular theme and for 2020 our theme

is “EDGES”. We have created individual pieces of work which reflect our unique personalities and styles in interpreting what “Edges” means to each of us.

Our exhibition is varied yet co-ordinated to bring visual pleasure and enjoyment for ourselves and, we hope, for all who are able to see our work.

emails: elainewinterton@msn.com
website: jeudis.co.uk