Great reviews!

Great Reviews!


It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I am so pleased you liked the quilts.

Thanks so much for showing me another way to make them – I shall go through my fabrics again and as soon as I have time will make a start on another one for you.

Both of us were very impressed with the Big Textile Show and will hopefully go again next year. I thought it was much better than the Uttoxeter show earlier this year and also a lot better than the Hobbycraft one at NEC too.

The exhibition area was amazing wasn’t it!

Congratulations on yet another fabulous show!  In fact, I thought it was even better than last year!  The extra space above the cafe made it less congested in the main hall and 5here was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

I enjoyed the  show and the workshops and I think all of my participants were happy with what they achieved.  The rooms were great and can I say that the young lady sorting us out was extremely good, very helpful and patient.  Well done her!

The set up and take down was excellent and parking great , plenty of space and no hassle.  Everyone really friendly. Rocky road needs a mention too….(yummy)


Leicestershire Quilters:
…we are keen to support the show, which gives us such a good opportunity for textiles enthusiasts to share and learn, and of course, shop! Many people who don’t venture to the NEC or further afield have the chance to experience new things and also show their work in a local arena, which is all very positive. It’s also very enjoyable to meet with other like-minded people and share ideas…


Caroline at PoppyPosts:

“Yesterday I visited the Big Textile Show which was held in nearby Countesthorpe, in my county of Leicestershire. It is so nice to have an exhibition/show held near to where I live instead of having to travel for hours to get there so I made the most of it.

“It was a fantastic exhibition of a number of crafts but my overwhelming memory is that of colour. There was colour everywhere; patchwork quilts, embroidery silks, wool, felt, material. Everywhere vibrant, vivid, verdant colour. I am also a very tactile person and found myself touching the exhibits and tracing the contours of the quilting even though there were lots of signs saying “Do not touch”. I just couldn’t help myself.

“I wasn’t looking for ideas, which is just as well as I was completely overwhelmed by the amazing colours and complexity of some of the exhibits. I was in awe.”