Stash Busters!


Stash-Busting – donate your long-forgotten stash, UFOs (unfinished objects) for charity.

This year we are giving you the opportunity to get rid of all those projects that have been sitting in your workrooms and cupboards for a very long time and are still not even started, let alone finished!

We will run a stall for you and all proceeds of your generosity will go to charity.

I have some fleece that needs rescuing and a tapestry that looks at me every time I go into my workroom!

The stall will be open from Saturday morning and you can bring items with you at any point over the weekend.

I look forward to seeing all those forgotten gems, lets hope we can find them some great new homes and also raise money for a good cause.

With very best wishes,


ps if you would like to find out more, or offer to help with the stall, please contact us.